Site Rules 101

No offensive content

Act like an adult or get banned like a coward.


No spreading of any copyrighted material

Please share your own content or credit the Author


No spamming or advertising

We have no time for that.


Admin decisions are final

You will either be warned or banned


Please be nice


- Glockfeed Team.

Frequently asked questions

Can users chat with each other?

This feature is currently under development and will be launching in September, 2018!

Can users send private direct-messages to eachother?

We are currently rolling out this feature and should be out within the next few days!

What happens if someone is taking my photos?

If the user is not properly crediting the author please write to us with your concers and we will take a look and remove the content if necessary.

What happens if I get a warning Flag?

If such Flag is given to you by the Admin it means that you've been given a warning for not properly following the site rules and guidelines. There wont be a next Flag. You will be Banned. You can Contact us with any questions! Thank you for your support!