( 3 week lead time )


Introducing the Phoenix for the Glock 19/23/17/22 with Inforce APL-C  


This holster boasts the ability to separate the magazine carrier from the holster to allow the holster to be worn separately. The magazine carrier and holster are joined by para-cord which allows it to flex naturally against your body and can be easily separated with a quick release kydex disc.  We left no stone unturned with this holster. Integrated concealment wing, integrated wedge that lifts the muzzle away from the body. Mod wing comes standard and does an excellent job with aiding concealment. Suppressor height sight channel and RMR cut.


  • Hardware made in the USA
  • .08 Kydex
  • Comes standard with mod wing
  • Glock Gen 3,4,5 compatible 
  • RMR/Optic cut
  • Suppressor sight compatible 
  • Integrated concealment wing
  • Integrated wedge
  • Natural molded curve on both mag carrier and holster for comfort and concealment. 



The Phoenix APL-C | Glock 19/23/17/22

Para-cord Color